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One of the most critical steps in developing your brand is trademark prosecution. If you are considering submitting a trademark application, you should understand what trademark prosecution is and how it works.

At TBillick Law PLLC, we will work with you to apply for federal registration of your trademark so that no one else can use it as theirs. Tim Billick, our experienced Seattle trademark lawyer, will also help you keep an eye out for any potential challenges to the process so they can be dealt with quickly and effectively.

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What Is Trademark Prosecution?

A trademark is a symbol used to identify goods or services produced by a particular company. The symbol can be text, an image, a catchphrase, or a slogan—as long as it is unique and differentiates the products from those of competitors.

Protecting your trademark is a critical part of building a successful business. If you aren’t actively protecting your intellectual property, another entity could use your brand ideas and cause you to lose out on valuable business opportunities.

Trademark prosecution is a legal process by which an entity files for trademark protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). During the USPTO’s examination of your trademark application, an examining attorney issues written communications called “Office Actions” to you or your legal representative. This communication serves the purpose of informing you of any reasons the office has rejected certain parts or all of an application due to failure to comply with legal requirements.

Trademark applications may be entirely rejected in the first Office Action on several grounds. In addition, other parties may oppose your trademark application for various reasons, such as the belief that it is too like theirs, and this will be confusing to customers (a reason known as “likelihood-of-confusion”). There may also be a concern that there is something about the trademark itself that is offensive.

When you receive an Office Action during trademark prosecution, your response can be to challenge the decision or revise the application. An experienced trademark lawyer can help with this process by challenging or revising the application on your behalf before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

However, the risk of being issued Office Actions may be significantly decreased altogether if you hire a trademark lawyer to help with your application. An experienced trademark lawyer understands the USPTO’s standards and requirements and can ensure full compliance before applying.

Once your trademark registration is approved, it is valid for ten years. If you wish to renew it, you must do so before those ten years are up.

A Seattle, WA, Trademark Lawyer Who Will Help You Through the Process

Trademark prosecution can be time-consuming, and companies without an experienced lawyer’s help may have difficulty navigating the process. An attorney specializing in federal trademark applications is most suited to handle trademark prosecution.

Tim Billick is an experienced trademark lawyer who can guide you through the steps of getting your business’s name or logo officially recognized as a trademark. We will review your application for deficiencies before submitting it to the USPTO. If your application is found to be incomplete, we can revise it on your behalf and submit it again. Once the USPTO approves your trademark, we can help you to have it registered with all government entities that may have jurisdiction over your business.

At TBillick Law PLLC, we offer clients a complete range of trademark counseling services—from prosecution to monitoring. Our trademark lawyer understands the current situations and challenges businesses face. We have handled the prosecution of thousands of trademark applications for clients in a variety of industries, including entertainment, property finance, education, food service, and much more.

If you are in the process of registering a trademark that will effectively identify your goods or services, seek experienced counsel from TBillick Law PLLC as soon as possible to get the process started right. To discuss trademark prosecution or any other matter involving intellectual property, contact TBillick Law PLLC at 206-494-0020 or use our convenient online form to request a consultation.

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