Entertainment & Technology Contracts

When protecting your ideas, you can’t leave anything to chance.

The rights of intellectual property and intangible asset owners can be harnessed and safeguarded through licensing agreements or contracts. These approaches are critical to ensuring the success of businesses and creative individuals in the current competitive field.

Seattle intellectual property attorney Tim Billick helps artists, musicians, game developers, inventors, and other creators protect their intellectual property.

At TBillick Law PLLC, intellectual property attorney Tim Billick has negotiated and drafted employment contracts, settlements, non-disclosure agreements, and other commercial contracts for various artists, inventors, and companies. He understands the importance of protecting intellectual property rights in the context of entertainment and technology contracts.

We can help you protect and profit from your creations. Contact Seattle IP lawyer TBillick Law PLLC today at 206-494-0020 to learn how we can help you safeguard your ideas and accomplish your goals.

Entertainment Contract Law

Entertainment contract law is a specialty area of intellectual property law focused on protecting creative artists and writers. Entertainment contracts are often complex and include provisions that could dramatically affect your ability to profit from your creations.

An intellectual property attorney with experience in entertainment law will review all aspects of the contract before it is signed so that you do not unwittingly give away rights or royalties. Seattle IP lawyer TBillick Law PLLC has extensive experience negotiating and drafting entertainment contracts for artists, game developers, and other creatives in the entertainment industry. We can help you protect your intellectual property rights when entering commercial agreements related to film, television, music, video games, and other media. Contact Seattle IP lawyer TBillick Law PLLC today at 206-494-0020 to get started.

Technology Contract Law

Technology contracts are common in the tech industry and can cover a range of important issues. From software licenses to hardware development agreements, technology contracts are often complex and must be carefully drafted to ensure that all parties understand their rights and obligations.

These contracts can be confusing even for longtime tech industry pros; therefore, it is essential to have your technology contract reviewed by an attorney before signing it. Seattle IP lawyer TBillick Law PLLC has the necessary knowledge and experience to help you protect your work. We can work with you in negotiating and drafting technology contracts for clients in the software, gaming, mobile app, consumer electronics, and other related industries.

Trade Secret Protection in the Entertainment and Technology Industries

The entertainment and technology industries are thriving worldwide; however, these fields are also some of the most competitive. When you create a business in the entertainment or technology industries, you may be concerned about protecting your trade secrets. A trade secret is an idea, process, formula, or other information that gives your business a competitive advantage and helps it succeed.

Protecting your intellectual property rights, including trade secrets, as part of any commercial agreement related to entertainment fields, software development, or other technologies is essential. TBillick Law PLLC helps clients protect their trade secrets by drafting contracts that specifically address trade secret protection.

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TBillick Law PLLC’s skilled IP attorney has a storied background as a musician and former venue owner. He also has years of experience working with professionals in the tech world, including entrepreneurs, game developers, inventors, engineers, and others. Tim knows how critical intellectual property protection can be for those in the entertainment and tech fields. His knowledge of intellectual property law and his ability to assist businesses and individuals in drafting contracts that expressly handle IP protection concerns have continued to benefit TBillick Law PLLC’s satisfied clients.

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