Trademark Protection and Counseling

It is my priority to work with your company to form a comprehensive roadmap that accounts for differences in fact patterns, legal liability, and strategies, customized based on the kind of business you run and market dynamics.

About My Trademark Protection and Counseling Services

Every individual brand has a name, logo, slogan, and visual appeal – “the look and feel.” Careful preparation and enforcement of your intellectual property rights, such as those related to copyrights and trademarks, will go a long way to protect your business’ identity. My services span across a wide range of industries, including trademarks in manufacturing, medical technology, computer software and hardware, and hospitality.

If you are looking to secure federal and/or international registration on your trademark, I can conduct trademark searches to analyze whether your trademark has a fair chance of being registered and approved by the USPTO. It’s important to note that no attorney can predict the future or predict exactly how the trademark office will assess your application. But a search can give you a much better idea of the potential pitfalls in attempting to secure registration. If no confusingly similar marks come up in the search results, the next step would be to apply trademark registration. Depending on the needs of your business, you should explore protection in both the United States and internationally.

If you wish to engage in trademark licenses or co-existence agreements, we can handle that as well. If you wish to oppose someone else’s trademark application, or petition to cancel an existing trademark registration; or if you are subject to either proceeding, we can represent you before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Moreover, I can represent your business in trademark and trade dress litigation in both federal and state courts in cases involving infringement, unfair competition, and false advertising. Furhter, disputes regarding cybersquatting and Internet domain name infringement, can be resolved using the dispute resolution techniques of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

To protect your trademark, my team will evaluate your trademark portfolio to create a secure and tailored brand protection strategy. By actively reviewing your marketing and advertising strategies, I will also help you minimize your risk of trademark infringement lawsuits.

Why Do You Need Trademark Protection and Counseling?

The Internet is the perfect conduit for opportunistic trademark thieves to exploit your brand. Such instances may include any of the following scenarios:

  • Has someone registered a domain name too similar to your brand?
  • Is someone selling products or services on an online marketplace that bear trademarks too similar to yours?
  • Are you being falsely accused of trademark infringement and have been improperly removed from an online marketplace?

You need trademark protection and counselling to protect against the criminals looking to poach your ideas.

How Can I Help with Your Trademark Protection and Counseling Problems?

Hiring an attorney with experience and legal expertise in intellectual property law is the best way to address trademark infringement and imitation of your hard work.

I understand that attorney fees can be expensive, but you need to decide if it’s worth permitting harm your reputation and lost sales in order to save money in the short-term. If you’re 100% confident that your infringement issue is a rare one-off, then it might not make sense to hire a lawyer. But I have seen dozens of instances where a cheap problem becomes incredibly expensive because of a failure to act quickly and intelligently.

Only an attorney who specializes in infringement services will know how to best advise you on how to protect your brand.

Why Choose TBillick Law PLLC For Trademark Protection and Counseling Services?

If we decide to work with each other,  I will prioritize efficiency with your case, and I will not burden you with red tape, bureaucracy, and sky-high fees. You don’t need to believe my pitch. I have been selected for the national registry’s “Best Lawyers” for intellectual property law; selected for Thomson Reuters’ Super Lawyers “Rising Stars” listing every year since eligibility; and to have been elected as the Chair of the Intellectual Property Section of the King County Bar Association from 2016-2018. Ask around. I have built my reputation as an intellectual property attorney with results.

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